The "Eureka!" moment came in the summer of 2005, when two friends, Debbie Stephens Stauffer and Kathleen Whitehurst, were in Debbie's kitchen in Northern California working on ideas for a new business venture. During a break, Debbie asked Kathleen to feed her infant son with baby food from a jar. Kathleen noticed a warning on the jar label that the food should not be kept more than 3 days after opening. "So how do you know how long they've been open" she asked. Busy young mom Debbie replied: "Oh, I wish I knew, you can't believe how much food we have to throw away because we can't keep track." Debbie opened her fridge to reveal several half-full baby food jars that would soon be wasted. Both instantly knew that if they could solve this problem, they'd have a product that would be valuable to people all over the world. So they pulled together a team of family, friends and experts (including Jonathan Bruck) and that led to the creation of the DaysAgo, a digital day counter that attaches to food containers and other things that need smart tracking.

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