Four Peas

The Four Peas brand is the brainchild of Casey Baca a savvy mother of four who just couldn't find the perfect bag for her kids. When her oldest daughter, Bella, was two, Casey found that trips with her toddler were much easier when Bella had her own bag full of activities. But, after years of searching, Casey concluded that the perfect toddler bag didn't exist. Drawing on her sense of style, eye for quality and school teacher background, Casey created a line of eight toddler-sized backpacks in 2005. Perfectly sized with a unique toddler-chic look, the bags instantly stood out in the marketplace and kids and parents demanded more. Since then, Four Peas has grown to include school-sized backpacks, lunch bags, messenger bags, supply bags and duffle bags and the line continues to expand each year. With styles ranging from preppy to punk, Four Peas bags offer kids and parents a fresh alternative to boring book bags: Kids bags that look good. Real good.

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